Housing Retention and Financial Assistance Program

Rockdale County Emergency Relief Fund, Inc., provides assistance and supportive services for families living and/or working in the Rockdale County community.  Rockdale Emergency Relief (RER) provides financial assistance for rent, mortgages and utilities for people living and/or working in the Conyers-Rockdale County community that are experiencing some type of calamity that is beyond their control that creates a financial hardship for their families.  RER offers an annual Holiday Assistance program for families with children and for elderly citizens in the Rockdale County community. 
RER has a 2 ½-hour budgeting class that is required for people receiving financial assistance that is also available to the community at large, free of charge.  RER also has a free adult literacy program, and the Atlanta Regional Workforce Board and the Georgia Department of Labor provide services for residents and employees in the Conyers-Rockdale County community each week on site at Rockdale Emergency Relief. 
Screening and Referrals
RER screens clients to participate in the local community clothes closet program.   RER Staff also provides housing referrals and information about other community resources, and screens clients for local programs that offer supportive services and resources.  When available, RER distributes "items of comfort", including seasonal items such as fans during the summer months and blankets and sleeping bags during winter months.  When available, RER also distributes diapers, infant and adult nutritional formulas, and hygienic and self-care products.
Established by the Community for the Community
Founded in 1967, RER is a non-profit organization that is supported by the generosity and concern of the Conyers-Rockdale County community and by the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta.  RER works closely with other service providers in the community to not only make better use of the resources available in the community but, more importantly, to collaborate in the best interests of the people that we serve.  The Rockdale Community Food Bank merged with RER in 1999, and RER operates the Food Bank Program.
A Closer Look: …the Numbers …the Needs
...the Future
RER provides assistance and supportive services to more than 4,300 people while more than 3,800 people received food at least once from the Food Bank.  More than 850 children and elderly citizens in the Rockdale community received supportive services through the during the 2013 winter holiday season.
The Fiscal Year 2013 - 2014 operating budget for RER is $425,000.00. RER currently operates its programs with a 15% overhead--85 cents of every dollar received is used for direct service provisions. United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta supports 31% of the current operating budget; this year, RER plans to generate $208,000 of community-based support for its programs. 
RER wants to continue to strengthen relationships with community-based collaborative partners and develop opportunities for collaboration with both traditional and non-traditional service providers.
RER's Board of Directors and Staff will continue develop programs to address the needs of the people living and working in the Rockdale County community. Phoenix Pass, Inc. was established in November 2008 as an independent, not-for-profit community-based organization as a partnership between First Baptist Church of Conyers and RER. During the 2009-2010 Fiscal Year, Phoenix Pass, Inc. began construction for a community-based transitional housing program designed to address the needs of families, particularly women with children, experiencing homelessness and displacement in the Rockdale County community.